Down to the Wire

There are two deadlines this week.

At the Capitol, this would be the last week for Bills to be heard in Committee.  Let me attempt to explain this….If a particular Bill survives committee without amendments and is passed on the floor of its House of origin, it then goes to the opposite House of origin for a vote on the floor.  If a Bill receives enough votes at this point, and has not been amended, it will then go to the Governor for his signature to become a law.   I am told that most Bills have already been amended at some point and the title and enacting clause removed.  (This is a safety mechanism to have another reason to review the Bill) Is this confusing enough for you because the Senator had to explain it to me at least three times and I still don’t think I have it right.)  Anyway, this week is a deadline for committee work.  They have a lot of deadlines.
The next deadline is the final round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament with the Final Four being held this weekend in Michigan.  How convenient for Michigan State.  No love for that team because they defeated my USC Trojans earlier in the series.  Does this make USC look a little better?  I really don’t know the answer to that question.  Still don’t like ’em!
And, just to update you on this and because I know you care, the Senator is OUT of the family competition.  So long…farewell…None of his teams, NONE, that he was so proud in selecting, seemed to have survived the madness of March.  Bummer.  Too bad, and I am so sorry you wanted to go on record with that Senator… your picks were admirable though.
Meanwhile, the Senator’s wife (me) has UNC and Villanova playing in the Final Four and the Senator’s son has UNC and UCONN remaining. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  The Senator’s daughter…well, remember she did not select a winner.  Left the final game wide open.  This will be helpful to her now as all of her teams have officially been sent home!  I am sure a winning team will magically appear in the title game very soon.  Gotta watch that girl.  She’s sneaky.
Word of advice to the Senator when we fill out our brackets next year, be sure to ask your son for his picks.  The dude knows his stuff.  
Have a nice week at the Capitol dear, hope to see you soon!
Love, your wife