House of Cards

I have always said good people hardly ever run for public office, and why would they, considering all of the scrutiny, partisan politics and personal attacks that are endured by a candidate or office holder on a daily basis? Well, unless you are Barack Obama and immune to any form of criticism!

That said, even though politics is a blood sport, when an elected official resigns from office prematurely, it unleashes another type of beast! A recent example is currently unfolding in my state with the resignation of one of our US Senators…

Senate Delegation

We were so fortunate to have a citizen legislator, well a medical doctor, representing us in Washington for the past ten years. (Pictured above, third from the left.) If you have no idea who he is, just google Dr. No! You might however, be familiar with his annual book of waste called the Wastebook! It contains pages and pages explaining some of the really stupid stuff your tax dollars are funding! I am going to miss this and hope he continues to publish it from the sidelines. Such an honorable man whose service to our state and nation will be terribly missed!

But, that was not really my point.  My point being, that a really good guy, a citizen legislator, is leaving his elected position early and the deck is shuffling for the Oklahoma delegation.  The politicos are either lining up to run for the vacated seat or calculating who will run for it, and the one which would open up as a result of that one, and the next one and so on. Just crazy! Meanwhile, the campaign consultants are working 24/7 trying to solidify their next client(s) and the lobbyists are surveying the playing field.  House of Cards, Season Three…so not kidding! 

Maybe someone new will surface and really shuffle the deck…. a teacher, a preacher, another doctor, or better yet, a small businessman…sure would shake it up and keep it interesting!

We’ll see. Jury’s still out on that one, but it sure is fun to watch from the sidelines!

And, they’re off!

Starting to get crazy around here again as session is looming!

Last week, my Senator had some colleagues over to our house for an event. They stayed until 11:00 pm talking in my kitchen, which makes for one tired momma!


I’m glad they like each other though because I think it makes their job down at the capitol a tad more user friendly. Maybe.

Inauguration Day, Part II

The show must go on, and it did yesterday as my great state celebrated the historic swearing-in of Oklahoma’s 27th Governor.

It was snowing and cold but those in charge of the festivities at the capitol did a marvelous job of moving the event along. It should come as no surprise that this was their fifth swearing-in ceremony, meaning they have been in charge of the logistics from constructing the podium, the sound, the security, to seating the crowd and dignitaries for the last five gubernatorial inaugurations. And, they did a fabulous job under the extreme conditions of the day.

This job didn’t come without its perks either. Here is a photo I snapped of one of the gentlemen in charge with native Oklahoman and country singer, Toby Keith.

He is a good friend of ours (not Toby Keith), but the man in charge. The Senator calls him Pickel. He owns a construction company and I’m sure Pickel was giving Toby very specific instructions before he sang a tribute to our nation’s soldiers.

And, that is another story….about how a country music star manages to play a song on his guitar in sub-zero temperatures.

It really was bone chilling outside. I mean, at that point in the program I could barely feel my feet. However, they must have kept Mr. Keith inside by the fire before his performance because he sang and played to perfection. That is just how good these guys are at running the show.

As I said before, we had front (well, actually third) row seats for the ceremony.

And, even though they were covered in snow our seats were close enough to capture some fun photos.

Like of the oil rig that sits on the south lawn of our state capitol……and those majestic columns….

…and a photo of the Senator’s office. I’m sure it was nice and warm in there.

And, the steps used for the procession back up into the rotunda.

I loved having the presence of so many service men and women who lined the path upwards. Even the ones with guns located right behind us. They made me feel safe.

After the ceremony, we got to catch up with a former governor. He and my Senator are friends and were exchanging stories about cowboy hats….

And, there were some good ones. Stories, that is.

Then, we ran into a Oklahoma Congressman who I have known since I was little.

I used to work for his dad a long time ago. They are good family friends and I am really proud of the job he is doing in Washington D.C.

As the Senator and I headed back up to his office, we happened to look out the window at the people still lined up in the cold waiting to get into the Capitol for the post inaugural reception. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. It was bitter cold, but they were witnessing a part of our state’s history and I get that.

Next up….How not to plan an Inaugural Ball!