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Back to the Buttons!

I stumbled upon this photo while working on my computer. I liked it so much I am going to use it as a screen saver someday. Just kidding. But, it did remind me that I recently bought my Senator a very rare and special button for Christmas on eBay. And….that button has not yet arrived.

Bummer. I knew I was going to be skeptical of eBay. I don’t like buying things from people I can’t see or places I can’t touch. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a major Internet shopper this year. Just from places I know. Not some seller I couldn’t pick out of a line-up from some place I have never heard of before. I am just weird like that.

But, this button was cool. I mean way cool. So much so that I ventured out of my comfort zone.

However, I am still holding out hope. Isn’t that the theme for our country these days. Hope and change. Yeah, well that seller has my change and I want my button!

I also want more pictures like this!

Love, the Senator’s Wife

Hurry, Quick!

If you have any legislation you would like filed for next year’s legislative session- today is your last chance! Sound the alarm, quick, call your Senator or Representative. This is your last day to be heard….OK, not really. But, the Bill filing deadline is today, roughly at noon. At least I think that was what my Senator told me, however, there is most assuredly a little flexibility with the time frame.

Anyway, your average Joe has no idea that this is the deadline for legislation, but most everyone involved in politics, members, lobbyists, people who work at the Capitol and those that are married to members, we all know. Hurry, let your voice be heard!

The Turkey Bowl

While I am trying to figure out how November turned into December so quickly, I am posting a few more photos from Thanksgiving. Does it count that I still have left overs in my fridge?

These are from the Turkey Bowl, one of the most fun traditions…ever. Every Thanksgiving morning around 9:00 ish, many families and friends, who have all known each other for multiple generations, gather at a local park to play kick ball. This tradition started out with soccer, but in keeping with the times and the varying age span of participants, kick ball is a much safer format to blow off some of that competitive family energy. My family is very competitive. And so are their friends. It is also a great way to burn off some of those unavoidable extra Thanksgiving calories.

Here are some of the highlights from the Turkey Bowl.

Prior to kick-off, it is an unwritten rule that massive amounts of sugar be consumed.

Here is my boot camp instructor cousin, ordering everyone to divide themselves into two teams. She is good like that.

I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that ball.

There are no rules regarding team colors or uniforms. All super hero costumes are welcome.

Obviously, adults can pitch hit for their children. We have no rules.

These two got a hall pass. They are newlyweds. They watched from the sidelines and drank their Starbucks. Oh, by the way, they got married three weeks ago and didn’t tell anybody. Yeah, for real.

I don’t know how my little cousin managed to fall asleep standing up, but he did. Probably coming down off the sugar high from Cousins and Chaos the night before and those donuts with the orange icing ( see photo #1). Life is hard when you are two.

I think I will go clean out my fridge now.

Love, the Senator’s wife