Roughly 12 years ago Cliff and I decided we would send out Thanksgiving cards instead of the traditional Christmas cards to our family and friends.  Not sure why, really, other than Cliff had always loved Thanksgiving, claiming it was his “real” favorite holiday… and it just made sense. We had so very much to be thankful for that year.

Besides, I had already splurged on some professional family photos and most likely, in a moment of feeling totally organized, the idea of a Thanksgiving card was appealing, for more reasons than one!

We used this family photo…..


Which would prove to come in super handy that next year when Cliff decided to run for political office….

A few years later,  I asked a friend of mine to design something fun and creative and different and edgy, because I’m that kind of gal- and because she was in the stationary business and just simply awesome in more ways than one.   We came up with this:

Christmas Card2


The idea of asking each person what they were thankful for to include on our card sounded different, personal but so very appropriate and fun.  I have vivid memories of asking Ford (age 7) while he was playing in the bath what he was thankful for.  I think I just assumed he would say the action figures that were currently forcing each other to walk the plank via the tub faucet.  But, instead – he surprised me with this little nugget: ” The Pilgrims! Because they found America and if they didn’t, we might live in England.”  Okay – we can go with that.

Next came our 4 year old daughter who paraded into the action dressed in a princess costume.  Before I finished asking her what she was thankful for, she shouted her response: “God and Jesus and Santa.”  Love that girl.

The Senator and I said basically the same things, sentiments that reflected our feelings of nostalgia and perhaps age, Faith, Family, Friends, Health, Happiness…  It’s all good, right?

I loved this particular Thanksgiving card especially because of the photo we used.  It was one we had taken at the State Capitol, shortly after the Senator’s first session that year.  I remember feeling so thankful that he was able to participate in our legislative process.  I still am.

This next year will be his last year to serve in the Senate due to term limits…did I mention, I am thankful for those too?  I have a loooong list of things I am thankful for, but really, it’s all covered in that first Thanksgiving card – which is just great because I am not that organized this year and we will be expressing our gratitude to family and friends via the traditional Christmas card… if I’m lucky!

Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving!