Dear John

I had wanted to write again after the interview you gave to Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes last Sunday.  I don’t typically watch that type of tabloid journalism, but I did this time with anticipation.  It was nice seeing your story come to life on television and looks like you have quite a supportive family who are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments.  Your wife is proud of them.  What a neat lady she seems to be… and to have stayed in Ohio all these years raising your children while most of your time has been spent in Washington…well, she deserves combat pay.

There were many parts to this interview which gave a glimpse into your character. Especially the distinction you drew between compromise and common ground. While the difference between those two words seemed foreign to Lesley Stahl, your explanation was refreshing and indicative of what we can expect from your statesman-like style of leadership.

Then, there was the moment when Lesley Stahl asked your wife if you really did cry all of the time?  This, of course, after your wife had just explained how the two of you met (while you working as a janitor on the night shift) and how she was so very proud of you and your accomplishments.  Seriously, I get all the tears.  Your wife, in her graceful and loving response to that question, gets all the tears.  You get all the tears and raw emotion because you know how far you have come and understand the responsibility of being second in line to the Presidency. Clearly, Mr. Speaker (elect), you demonstrate such a sincere love of country and have passionately dedicated your life to our future. It is comforting to know that your priority is to provide for the safety and security of the American people and to help give all our children a shot at the American dream. A shot just like you had.   To watch a man in power be so passionate and sincere about those two things makes me a little teary too.

On another note, I see where the House voted to extend the Bush-era tax cuts just before midnight last night. I don’t know if the timing on that was strategic because nothing good ever seems to happen at that time, but I bet you helped them find some common ground.  Please know that Americans are watching….and waiting….and hopeful.

Merry Christmas Mr. Speaker (elect). I look forward to what the New Year will bring.

Sincerely,  a Senator’s Wife in Oklahoma

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  1. Lindsey

    Beautifully said, I completely agree 🙂 It seems the media is shocked to see any emotion after staring at Pelosi’s emotionless face for so long. Respectfully, of course.

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