What I Did Last Summer…

Late last spring and into the summer months I wrote a handful of blog posts that I never published.  I am sure I did this intentionally as we were in campaign mode and I was a little paranoid…or protective…. or tired of being in the fish bowl…. Anyway, none of it matters now that the Senator’s campaign has successfully come to a close, so I thought I would share…..

May 21, 2010
Yesterday, two of our friends buried their 11 month old son.  It was a beautiful, uplifting funeral of faith where the lessons this little boy imparted on those around him were noted and remembered.  An 11 month old can shed light on many things.
I do not like funerals.  However, if they were all like this one, I would make a point to attend.  I know that sounds silly, but I believe God sends us all here for a reason, and yesterday many of those reasons were duly noted.  We were all reminded to cherish life and live it with purpose and no regret.
The service took it out of me and the Senator.  Seeing that I had picked him up at the Capitol, when I took him back to work, he invited me in.  Sounds silly, but I  have not wanted to spend much time at the Marble Palace as of late….and he knows it.  I also think he enjoys having me around that crazy place. So, I acquiesced and joined him for a bit as he prepared to go back into session.  I walked onto the floor with him to check on a bill  he was about to present, sat in his office and talked to friends that were in the building and stared at the piles of paper work and correspondence that were on top of his desk.  It was a Kodak moment and of course, I did not have my camera.
As it was time to leave, I gave the Senator a big hug and kiss as I was reminded on this day how much I love him, cherish our family and how much I respect what he is doing for our great state.