Tuesday was an extraordinary day for Oklahoma politics.

Extraordinary, in that Oklahomans will elect their first female Governor in November.

Extraordinary, because voters went to the polls in record breaking numbers.

Extraordinary, because my Senator’s opponent decided to withdraw from the race for State senate leaving him unopposed and consequently re-elected.

Yes, you read that correctly.  And you can also read about it here and here.

We were shocked.  We are still shocked. I could never adequately describe to you how we feel after working tirelessly all summer on the campaign trail.  In fact, that is where the Senator was when he received a phone call Monday afternoon.

He was out knocking on doors in a neighborhood when his phone rang.  It was a volunteer for his opponent asking for a good number where the Senator could be reached.  The volunteer promised no ill will and the Senator believed him.

My Senator continued knocking on doors and was cooling off in his truck when his cell phone rang.  It was his opponent.  They exchanged awkward pleasantries and then she informed him she was withdrawing her name from the race and would file the appropriate paperwork on Tuesday.

Like, really?  I mean, surely you jest.  Has anything like this ever happened before?  I know some candidates file to run and then immediately file to have their name removed, but has anyone ever filed, raised money, campaigned…knocked doors….and then just bailed out?  I guess they have now.

I can only speak from my own personal experience on the campaign trail, but I can not imagine just jumping out like that once you are so heavily invested and committed to a campaign. I can’t fathom this on so many different levels.

Anyway… the Senator called and shared with me what had just transpired and he re-played their conversation, word for word.

Then, he told me we were not going to say anything about this to anyone until she filed the appropriate paperwork with the state and his re-election was official.

I told the Senator I would have a hard time with that and he would have to seal my mouth shut with duck tape.

Just kidding….about the duck tape part.

Anyway, the Senator received a copy of her official intent to withdraw from the State Election Board around 2:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon.

And, I am still speechless.

Relieved, but in utter disbelief….

And, excited.

Excited for our children.

Excited, because we have so much more free time to spend on things not campaign related!

Excited about the family vacation we just-in-this-past-twenty-four-hours planned.

Excited, because there are so many little projects around the house that we have desperately needed to complete but were always trumped by the campaign.  Really, you have no idea how many!

Excited that the Senator can continue to work hard to build an environment where individuals and businesses can succeed.

Excited, because I have more time to write about being a Senator’s wife.

Truly, I could continue on and on with this selfish little “excited” for me list, but at the end of the day, I am super excited for my Senator.  He works so hard for our family, for his constituents, for our great state of Oklahoma…..he is so genuine and sincere in his efforts and I am thrilled for him.


P.S.  The photo up top was taken on election night.  Does it look like we had been up all night?  Because we had….stayed up late talking, waiting and wondering what the day would hold.

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