The Senator’s son left me the link to this video.  I am always curious when he wants me to watch something.  It’s like he is momentarily providing me a glimpse into his teenage world.

However, he does leave me lots of links to lots of football videos and he does ask that I watch replay after replay of college football with him.  So, this one came as no surprise.  The kid can watch replays of games and great football moments for hours on end.  In fact, he would rather watch replays of college football games from several years ago than the latest sports contest.  In fact, I caught him this weekend watching a video of the 2004 USC College Football Season.  I mean, really??

I like college football and all,  I am just not obsessed with college football.

Anyway, he left me this particular link last night and for some reason I just clicked.  And, I will say, somewhat surprised that this link wasn’t a highlight from the USC -UCLA game or the Best of Bedlam.

My boy has a softer, sensitive side and I love him for that.

Kleenex anyone?

3 thoughts on “Football

  1. Rae

    Dear Senator’s Wife,
    It is a struggle to get teens to open-up sometimes so it seems like we parents and older siblings tightly grasp the feeble ropes they toss in our direction now and then. My Little brother is very into music so I listen to anything he wants to share. I’m glad for those ‘glimpes” as you called them. Especially when they show us that our kids are doing just fine.
    Thankful for Good Reminders in Nebraska

  2. Lillie-Beth

    OK. That was a tear-jerker that I just stumbled upon. *sniff* Very touching, especially as the mom of a boy about the same age.

    On another note, congrats on a successful event last Saturday! I heard it was wonderful, and also the pictures look fabulous.

  3. The Senator's Assistant

    Oh my heavens, what a touching and wonderful story to share. You are raising a son with a tender heart. How sweet of him to want to share that with you – and you to share with your readers.

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