Table Talk

Is there a rule stating that ones dining room table look like this if you are in charge of a big charity event?  Because I have been busy planning one for over a year now and this tables been occupied with various boxes and papers for…well, just about that long.

The last time it looked like this was three years ago during the Senator’s re-election campaign.  If you look closely you can even see the black sharpie marks which are a result of signing lots and lots of letters.  I can get past the black sharpie marks. Really, I can.  They give this table some character.  I’m not sure I can say the same for the sealing glue or the boxes and boxes of envelopes.
When this table is clear of clutter, it has been the host of many fun dining experiences.  I use that term loosely as I am no Martha Stewart!  I just know who to call when I need a professional, shall I say, “meal” and I have dialed that number on numerous occasions.  I am not shy.  Like the time we had the Governor and his wife over for dinner with the newly elected members of the State Senate.  I certainly was not going to trump out my culinary skills for that one!  But we did add a leaf to the already long dining room table to make it even longer and fed eighteen for dinner.  And just so you know, the Governor wasn’t bothered by the black sharpie marks either.
 I recently informed the Senator that Thanksgiving has been relocated this year.  He wasn’t worried.

2 thoughts on “Table Talk

  1. Rae

    Dear SW,
    Oh, the stories our diningroom table could tell! Some I’d like to remember… some maybe not! I don’t think we’ll have anybody as important as the Governor at ours but my wonderful Grandmother counts for something.
    Enjoy your day,

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