New Hampshire

I spent some time recently in New Hampshire. Well, actually I sit on the national board of American Mothers, Inc. which is the organization that selects the National Mother of the Year. They meet four times a year usually in different parts of the country and this time our meeting happened to be in Manchester, New Hampshire. Mind you, New York and Connecticut are as “far east” as I have ever traveled, but somewhere inside me I have always felt like I should be living up there! I don’t know why, seriously, I don’t. I couldn’t even explain it to the Senator properly, other than once I arrived in New Hampshire it made sense, just that feeling like I had been there before or belonged there. Creepy. 

Anyway, flying in to Manchester you could hear everyone gasping on the plane and oohing and aahing over the leaves. Leaves people. Like the leaves on trees. Except these leaves were magnificent colors, bright, bright reds and yellows and oranges like none I had ever seen before. These leaves made our Oklahoma foliage look somewhat, how shall I say… muted.

Anyway, as I hopped in my rented car, I just drove and drove purposefully getting lost on the winding and very narrow two lane roads. I passed by the old churches and wood framed houses and historic buildings that happened to be right next to a field with a John Deere tractor parked out in the middle of it.   I was incredibly fortunate not to have wrecked the rental car or run off the two lane road even though it was quite obvious I was a tourist in this town.  They should just paint that on the side of all rental cars,  Caution, tourist behind the wheel!

Then there were more trees. Beautiful tall trees whose leaves were just starting to change.

New Hampshirans (?) were hospitable folks who take their ‘live free or die’ motto v-e-r-y s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y. In fact, one day several of us ventured out to a local lunch spot and noticed a few legal petitions posted on the back wall of the restaurant. When I inquired about what those referred to – the local resident said that basically it’s their right in New Hampshire to not adhere to a specific law, in this case the Sunday Laws, and that the legal document was posted on the wall explaining which law they were not in agreement with. Live free or die people!

The Senator could live here. Really, he could.

He would most certainly like this quaint Episcopal Church if he could see past those nasty telephone wires. They really should bury those things.



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