Home on the Range….

Last weekend we went to the “Range Round-Up” to see my dear friend, Pioneer Woman.  This has become an annual tradition for our two families as we don’t get to visit each other all that often…seeing that they live far, far away on a ranch’ n all….and PW has agoraphobic tendencies (but that is another story).

Anyway, the Range Round-Up is basically a sporting event for Oklahoma ranches.  Let’s call it a friendly competition sponsored by the Cattleman’s Association and a venue where these working cowboys can really strut their stuff.
They sorted cattle….





They rode wild horses…………..

Even the kids rode the wild horses, including my adopted Goddaughter (PW’s #2 Punk) who managed to dive off the distressed donkey with tremendous grace.  Bless her heart, I could tell she just wanted to break into tears when no one was looking.  I would.
Then there were these two…
The Senator’s #1 and PW’s Punk #4.
Call ’em brothers from another mother…homies…homedogs….They were coming off that sugar high from the continual infusion of Dr. Pepper and everything was funny. I’m sure it didn’t help that the Senator had taken them to Incredible Pizza earlier that day just for fun.   And they were w-i-r-e-d for sound!  They were also inseparable and we’re just gonna leave it that way.