I like this photo! It reminds me of what life was like before the Senator was a Senator. Back when the stress levels at our house hovered at normal levels.

Currently, the stress levels are elevated… just in case you were wondering.

This week is the final deadline to have your Bill read in its house of origin down at the marble palace. The Senator informed me that they will hear over 200 pieces of legislation this week. That means early mornings and late nights because they adjourn on Thursday for the weekend. Yikes, that is a lot to get done in a short amount of time. Can you say stress? Maybe they should consider working five days a week like people do in the real world?  I’m just saying…

There is a lot of politicking taking place right now and it makes the members frustrated, tired, and stressed to say the very least. Politics is a blood sport and there is no rest for the weary, at least not this week.
A big thank you to our Senator for sharing so many of the highlights of his day with us last night.  That was fun dear.  
I just wish I had the chance to tell you I enjoyed reading about your Bill that passed out of the Senate this morning.   Nice job!  
Love, the Senator’s Wife