Perpetual Dilemma

The Senator and I are heading out to a ‘Black Tie’ event tonight. Well, actually it is a ‘Red Tie’ event and it benefits the Oklahoma A.I.D.S. Care Fund. On the invitation it states that the event is ‘black tie’, so naturally the men are encouraged to wear a tuxedo. This is a very simple dress code for them to follow. I’m sure that even my 7th grader could figure it out!

OK, so the invitation says black tie and the gentlemen automatically know what to wear. They will all look the same too. However, this simple dress code does not apply to women.

I happen to absolutely LOVE women’s fashion. There is such a variety of color, fabric and style. It is always fun to check out who is wearing what and wonder why they chose to wear what they did.

For me, though, I fret every time we have to attend one of these events. Not because I have a lot of fashion hanging in my closet, but because the dress code instructions for women are not clearly marked. Does black tie mean long or short? How dressy is the event? And, for this event in particular, do most women wear red? If so, will they be in long or short red?

This is a real problem for me people ….