Oklahoma History

This is the Oklahoma State Capitol. Today, history was made in the marble palace when the newly elected members of the Legislature were sworn into service. In the 101 years of Oklahoma State history, this is the first time members of the Republican party have held a majority of the members in the State Senate. Did I mention they also hold a majority in the House of Representatives? Well, they do. Did I mention how much I love Oklahoma? Where else can you find an oil rig on the grounds of the Capitol building?

This is the entrance to the Senate Chamber. I can’t go through that secret door but my Senator can. It leads to his desk in the Senate Chamber. During session if you listen carefully, you can hear lots of interesting conversations in that reception area. They speak softly and for good reason.

This is the fourth floor of the Capitol Rotunda and what I refer to as the Lion’s Den. The Lion’s Den is where the lobbyists hang out during the legislative session plotting and planning how to pass legislation, kill legislation or resurrect a piece of legislation from the dead. I like lobbyists, I really do. They are nice people… most of the time.

The acoustics in the rotunda are horrible unless you are trying to hear someone’s conversation. Then you just have to hang in the middle and keep your ears open. People have receptions here and get married here. But, I digress. A warning to all you citizens out there – unless you have an L (for lobbyist) branded on your forehead – beware of the lion’s den next time you head out to the Capitol to talk to your legislator. Avoid it like the plague. It’s a feeding frenzy.

This is the Senate Chamber. It looks quiet and peaceful and empty.

This is what the Chamber looks like full of people. On special days like today, family and friends are abundant. So are elected officials from all three branches of government. The Lieutenant Governor was on hand, the State Supreme Court’s Chief Justice administered the oath of office, former State Senator’s were in the chamber as well as many, many campaign volunteers and friends. The Governor was conspicuously missing. I wonder if he overslept?

Below are the new members becoming new members and old members, well, being sworn in to another term as members.

Meanwhile, back in my Senator’s office, the Senator’s children find the contents of his desk much more interesting. And, that my friends, is worthy of its own blog post.

Love, the Senator’s Wife