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Day 3. Part Two

What a wild and crazy night at the Q. Oh my goodness. Determined not to miss our bus this time, the Senator and I loaded up early so he could run for Mayor of Bus #1 and I could ensure that we made it… Continue Reading “Day 3. Part Two”

Bits and Pieces

So, here is what I know after my first day at a Republican National Convention. Comfortable shoes are a must!  Thank goodness for these Ivanka Trump shoes I rocked for over 12 hours!  All the walking and standing and walking up and down stairs… Continue Reading “Bits and Pieces”

Refreshing Difference

Like most Americans, Cliff and I have spent the past 24 hours glued to the t.v. watching the coverage of the tragedy in Nice, the attempted military coup in Turkey and wondering what the heck is happening in our world!  Seriously makes me want… Continue Reading “Refreshing Difference”

Odds & Ends

So, here’s what I know.  We are headed to Cleveland in less than a week and I am kind of freaking out for lots of OBVIOUS reasons. Or, maybe because we just returned from a long weekend in Chicago and traveling on airplanes is not… Continue Reading “Odds & Ends”

Cleveland 2016

We’re going to Cleveland, Ohio next month,  home of LeBron, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and site of the 2016 Republican National Convention. I have never traveled to Cleveland before, or anywhere in the Buckeye State, so I will happily check that one… Continue Reading “Cleveland 2016”