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Star Struck in Cleveland

Today I met Maureen Dowd. The Maureen Dowd! Let me just preface this with I have always been a huge fan of her writing style, her keen wit and fresh perspective. She has a gift for the gab and uses words to produce such… Continue Reading “Star Struck in Cleveland”

Day 3. Part One

Day three got off to a roaring start when we missed the bus to our delegation lunch. Thank goodness for Uber! Interestingly enough, our Uber driver happened to be a Slovenian immigrant. Significant, because Melania Trump is Slovenian and the community of Slovenian immigrants in Cleveland is… Continue Reading “Day 3. Part One”

Day 2

So here is what I know. There is no rest for the weary at a Republican National Convention.   The senator headed out early to hear Governor Scott Walker speak at a breakfast. Evidently, each day is packed with speakers and special events and… Continue Reading “Day 2”

Bits and Pieces

So, here is what I know after my first day at a Republican National Convention. Comfortable shoes are a must!  Thank goodness for these Ivanka Trump shoes I rocked for over 12 hours!  All the walking and standing and walking up and down stairs… Continue Reading “Bits and Pieces”

Opening Bell

Last night was the opening reception at the RNC and it was held at none other than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in downtown Cleveland. Thousands of Republicans swarmed the venue which boasted rows and rows of food trucks featuring a… Continue Reading “Opening Bell”