Opening Bell

Last night was the opening reception at the RNC and it was held at none other than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in downtown Cleveland.


Thousands of Republicans swarmed the venue which boasted rows and rows of food trucks featuring a taste of the City! Big tents with various kraft beer and live music filled the venue and the actual museum was open for tours.


Architecturally, the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame is a beautiful contemporary structure and overlooks Lake Erie.  I could not get over the outfits worn by Diana Ross and the Supremes….simply gorgeous!


The big stage was constructed on the lawn behind the museum where bands such as 3 Dog Night and the Doobie Brothers played. The evening ended with a stunning fireworks show over the lake and a long walk back to the rows and rows of buses which quickly transported the numerous delegates back to their hotels.


The Oklahoma Delegation went to the event on several buses which were under police escort with a heavily armed federal agent on board. The road to the event was blocked off at many places and police were positioned everywhere along the route. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen that many police and federal agents in one location before.  I hear the Bikers for Trump are also rolling into Cleveland to help…I hope I manage to catch a glimpse of that!

Cliff and I had a wonderful evening talking with Republicans from all across the country. Some were wearing outfits representing their state and others were outfitted in all the bling that one might imagine.


Most seemed very excited to be there and were just as strong in their support of the presumptive nominee. If there is still a Dump Trump movement, we didn’t see it…the only interesting tidbit we heard on the ground was the number of high profile hotels that George Soros rented out to house the protestors he has sponsored.

We’ll keep you posted with highlights from the events today. The theme this evening is Make America Safe Again and will feature Melania Trump, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Senator Jeff Session, Senator Joni Ernst, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and my favorite, Scott Baio of Happy Days fame.