I really think there is truth to the saying ‘when it rains it pours,’ and this week has been no exception! Everyone in our household has had stuff going on and mostly at the same time.  Even the house looked like it had been busy and the weather here in Oklahoma was nuts with several earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding rains, and wind. I’m beginning to wonder when we will see the locusts.

It was also an election day yesterday in many parts of the country which makes for an interesting news cycle and a feeding frenzy for journalists.  The Senator and I have found ourselves glued to the tube late at night watching the debates and news conferences.  A bad habit, I know, but none the less we are political junkies and this is like a mini date night on a busy day after the kids are asleep.  Not really.  Anyway, we have been squabbling recently over the coverage of such aforementioned news events and are now in a full-blown battle for control of the late night remote.

Just curious, but do you all have a favorite news outlet? If so, please let me know.  I need to find some neutral turf or another venue in the instance that I lose out to my man and his media!

Although, HBO hasn’t been so bad.