I am just back from a little stint in Salt Lake City. Actually, I went out there for an American Mothers convention and I have done this ever since I was named the National Young Mother of the Year in 2006. These conventions have been in different locations, from Bismarck, North Dakota and Lincoln, Nebraska to New York City and Las Vegas…and I have enjoyed seeing each new place and meeting all of the wonderful moms who are in attendance or being honored.

This was taken right after the new National Young Mother was named. Such a neat lady, pictured in between me and the immediate past Young Mother of the Year. Truly remarkable women.

This was our annual past National Young Mother of the Year photo! And, just so you know, we all agreed to hold onto the “young” in that title as long as possible. Who wouldn’t, right?

Meanwhile, my Senator managed to hang with the Governor of Utah. I think politicians naturally gravitate to one another…

I’m thinking they kind of look alike too………

Those were some of the highlights. There were more but I am still processing them…which is what happens when you surround yourself with amazing women for a long weekend!


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The Senator's Wife

I started this blog on a whim thinking it would be fun to write about politics while my husband served in the OK State Senate. Jury's still out on that...but, having a front row seat on the sideline of Oklahoma politics has been one big adventure.

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