Inauguration Day

Today is going to be historic.

The first female is going to be sworn in as the Governor of my great state and can we just say, it is about time!

The ceremony will take place down at the marble palace outside on the south steps to be exact. And, it is going to be cold. Like, very v-e-r-y cold. As in snow and sleet and sub-freezing wind chill temperatures.

Eight years ago, I sat on the podium with my Senator and a couple of hundred other dignitaries. It was sunny, and nice. It was also my first time to experience anything like that so, of course it was going to be exciting. Anyway, today we are talking arctic air…so I am seriously contemplating watching this historic event from inside the Capitol building because it will be much more comfortable in there… unless the Senator forces me outside…which he very likely will do. I’ll keep you posted. Regardless, I am just feeling fortunate for the front row seat to watch history in the making!

I’ll be back later today with photos!


Nicely perched in the Senator’s capitol office.

The Inaugural stage looks so cozy from up here.