It goes without saying that there has been a lot going on around here this election season.  In fact, I have been keeping a daily journal of all things campaign related – and, don’t worry….  I will share my thoughts and experiences with you on that right here. And, I have lots of thoughts and experiences when it comes to political campaigns…some good, some bad and some just plain interesting!

I am also re-working this little blog of mine, which for me, is proving to be a much slower process than I’d anticipated. Maybe if I would just admit that I missed the introduction to modern technology class and allow myself some help in mastering this world wide web it might speed up the process?  Yeah….

All that, combined with the many campaign related projects taking place, the end of the school year, the kids being home AND the Legislature being out of session….  Quite frankly, it has been just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit on the hectic side of normal.

That being said, we are off and running for what will be a busy and hot summer!  Talk with ya soon!