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Lots has been happening around the Senator’s hacienda.  Well, at least enough for me to justify putting this blog experiment of mine on the back burner.  But, I have not completely left the internet.  In fact, quite the contrary.

I have spent the past month re-working a web site for a national organization where I am a member of the Board of Directors.  I have talked about it here a little, this organization, and probably should have
blogged about my experience “updating” their web site.

Thank goodness for a local web design firm who did the initial re-do.  That is an art form in itself and involves substantial compensation.  I keep telling the Senator’s son, who has considerable artistic talents, that it is possible to work as an artist in the real world…  “Art is all around you” I repeatedly tell him, “you just have to find your niche”.  I highly recommend web design.

So, after the design team was finished with the initial template, it became my job to fill in the blanks. Not just adding the content and photos but also strategically locating them for ideal placement and viewing.  While this required much thought about what should go where and the actual image it would project,  I  became rather obsessed with the whole “web” thing.  I would set up a page, then another, then re-work them or figure out a better way to present the material.  I worked on this before my family was awake, while they were at work and school and after they went to sleep at night.  I found this project to be intellectually stimulating. Intriguing. Challenging.  Fun.  And I think I’m going to be a little worried about that!

There was a noticeable disadvantage to updating this web site all day everyday however, and that would be the five pounds I have added to my back side.  Sitting in a chair for extended periods of time is not a good thing.  Trust me.  And I just can seem to muster up the enthusiasm to hop on the treadmill with a similar passion.  This is a problem.

So, go take a look at www.americanmothers.org  and let me know what you think!  This is an old organization with a rich history that is finally joining the technological revolution of the 21st Century!  Hip Hip Hooray!

The Web Obsessed Senator’s Wife

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