Presidential Pop Quiz

Because we’re in the back to school mode around here……..see how well you fare with this presidential history quiz?

Seriously, this is what we do for fun around here…well, that and talk about health care reform.

Good Luck!

1. In American History, only four presidents have been elected while they were serving as vice president. Can you name them?

2. Which President served non-consecutive terms?

3. Which President was the “Bachelor President”?

4. How many presidents were sons of presidents?

5. Why was the White House painted white?

6. Who was the only president who had been Speaker of the House of Representatives?

7. How many served both as Secretary of State and president?

8. Who was the first president to travel outside the continental United States while in office?

9. Who was the youngest man to become president?

10. Five presidents in our history were never elected president. Which presidents achieved the presidency only by succession?

Answers will be posted this weekend…or as soon as the Senator scores a 100%.


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