Digital Duplicates

I have been sorting through and organizing the hundreds and hundreds of photos I have accumulated since purchasing a rocking digital camera last year. It is overwhelming actually at how many photos I seem to take of the SAME THING!

Here are a few of the empty beach photos…. 

I suppose the hot, humid and sunny beach day photo is not the same as the rainy day beach photo…..

And, then there are the numerous photos of the Senator’s daughter.

This was last year’s beach photo.

And, again. Same time next year.

The subject matter might have aged over the past twelve months, but the sand and surf…….not so sure!

Then there are the campaign photos….

Hundreds and hundreds of campaign out takes.  I must have at least fifty photos of this similar shot….

And this one….

Do you think anyone would notice if we used these same campaign photos next time around?

Just kidding…sort of.