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For me, this week has been all about wrapping up the 2009 Allied Arts Annual Campaign. As one of this year’s campaign co-chairmen, I have spent a lot of time recently trying to raise funds and awareness for the arts in Central Oklahoma.  

Allied Arts is unique in that it is Oklahoma’s only United Arts Fund. Since 1971, Allied Arts has served as an advocate for the arts in Oklahoma. Each year, the annual campaign strives to raise the necessary funding to allocate and assist its 20 member agencies….Lyric Theater, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Mabee- Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee, the Science Museum of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Ballet are just a few who benefit from the dollars raised.  These dollars not only help with their operating budgets, but ensure the success of their community outreach programs, arts education programs and help provide the necessary resources to support their artistic growth.  
Throughout this year’s campaign,  there were over 4,000 volunteers, individuals and corporate donors who contributed their time, money and resources, and they did so generously, despite the many fiscal challenges associated with the current economic climate.

This photo was taken last year, as we embarked on the beginnings of the 2009 Campaign.  I want to promise that I will take lots of photos this week at the 2009 Victory Celebration…  but you know me, I will walk around with my camera and forget that I even have it in hand.  Especially since there will be several hundred people in attendance celebrating their hard work and tireless efforts.  Too much fun. And I can’t wait to announce the total amount raised for the arts this year.  I am optimistic that it will be enough to provide our amazing Oklahoma artists and their supporting organizations the economic freedom to do what they do best…create, enlighten and inspire.
Love, the Senator’s Wife

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you and your volunteers for a much needed support for the Arts in Oklahoma. Way to go and thank you for the commitment you have andyour senator for making Oklahoma better.

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