Portland, Oregon

   Nevada, New Hampshire, New Hampshire and Georgia

This past week American Mothers, Inc. held its annual convention in Portland, Oregon. Pictured above are some of my friends that I have met in this organization.  If they look a little ragged, it is only because we had spent the entire day in meetings.  There is no rest for the weary at these things, that is for certain!
At the convention, a new National Mother of the Year and Young Mother were named.

Here I am (2006 National Young Mother of the Year) with the 2007 National Young Mother from Georgia, the 2009 National Young Mother from Nevada and the 2008 National Young Mother from New Hampshire.  And, yes we were having a little bit fun!  It is always special when we welcome a new member into the club!

This was the 2009 Maine Mother of the Year.  She was a lovely lady that I was fortunate to sit by one day at lunch during the convention.  And that is what makes this organization so special, the diversity of its members.

Here is the 2007 National Young Mother with the new, 2009 National Mother of the Year.  She is from South Carolina.  Those southern girls definitely stick together!
This is the 2009 Oklahoma Young Mother, Shelly Soliz.  We had a blast in Portland together. Oklahoma was lucky to have Shelly represent them this year at the convention.  She will most certainly serve Oklahoma well as the 2009 Oklahoma Young Mother.

Finally, here are some of my favorite ‘moms’ at the convention.  There are two lovely ladies from Alabama that always host a post convention party in their room.  So, naturally I wanted a photo.  This was LATE night! They represent a cross section (in this particular photo that would be Alabama, New Hampshire, Georgia, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Wyoming and Texas) of the country which is one reason I enjoy being a part of this organization! Mom’s from all over who love being a mom! Now that is a good thing.

Love, The Senator’s Wife