Addendum to the Addendum

I made an error in judgement yesterday.

The Senator was working from home because the Legislature had adjourned for the weekend.  Naturally, I took full advantage of the opportunity for a substantive conversation with him…We were chatting in the kitchen, well, he was fielding angry calls from trial lawyers and puppy mill breeders.  I was skimming through a pile of mail and newspapers that had amassed on the counter when I casually mentioned I had written about his legislative correspondence.  
Big mistake.  
We had had a previous chat about the topic and I listened intently to what he had to say.  I even took notes. I felt like I really knew what he was talking about. 
Not so fast. He didn’t agree with my addendum about spelling. Ouch!  The man is entitled to his opinions and he sure has lot of them.  
The Senator proceeded to inform me that spelling really doesn’t matter.  

“Excuse me”, I said, “but it does”.  
“No, it really doesn’t,” he replied.
“Are you kidding me?”  I must have looked confused.  
“What world are you living in Senator?” I asked.  “Please tell me you haven’t let our children in on this secret?”  
Spelling always counts.
The Senator explained that even though someone might not be able to spell,  they are still his constituent and he is interested in what they are saying.
“Seriously… Senator?  Because, if I were reading a letter that butchered the English language, or mildly created a new one, I’m not sure I could lend it much credence.  I’m just saying….”
He sat there quietly and smiled.  Which is code for ‘you’re not going to change my opinion‘.
Then, he asked if I wanted to go to lunch.
We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about the kids and family stuff.  And just so you know, we hardly ever have time to talk about these things when the Legislature is in session.  
Then, he offered to buy a new set of tires for my car.  
Then, he wished me Happy Mother’s Day.   “Because,” he added, “every day is Mother’s Day around here.”  
But, spelling still counts Senator!  Trust me. It does.

Love, your wife

P.S.  Does anyone have an opinion about the spelling thing?  Just curious.

4 thoughts on “Addendum to the Addendum

  1. Pam

    I’m with Senator B on this one. I’m crazy mad for correct spelling, but he is right. It is more important on his end (re correspondence) that things are spelled correctly because it reflects on him. What is received — well, there is no control over their spelling but it doesn’t make their problems less important. Still have to respond to each one that comes in.

  2. Kathy

    The only time I have a real problem with poor spelling is when the letters come from the classroom teachers asking for a pay increase. I think that they, of all people, should spell-check prior to sending their correspondence.

  3. Anonymous

    Spelling is important!!!It’s easier not to spell correctly when communicating by texting..and this seems to be taking over communicating by the younger generation.

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