The Big eBay Gift

It would appear that I was not the only one who knew my Senator loves political buttons. His best buddy up in Edmond gave him the Nixon in Yiddish button and the Jesse Jackson classic pictured up above. The over-sized JFK button is the one I nabbed on eBay. When my Senator pulled it out of his stocking on Christmas morning, he initially thought I had it made up like I have a button maker hidden in the closet. Then, as he studied it carefully, I could tell he was wondering where in the heck I found the darn thing. He knows better than anyone that eBay is way out of my comfort zone and that there are no Political Americana stores in the Midwest. Hence, this was one fun Christmas surprise.

So, let’s call this the “2008 Christmas Collection”. These prized possessions are resting peacefully in their very own special case with room for at least a dozen more. They are also perched on a very special shelf simply begging for adoration.

Be very scared for me, please, someone!