House Divided

It is game day around this joint, or as we used to say at USC: “the Rose Bowl t-shirts mean more money.”

Yeah, I know.

I have taken lots of heat for that little cheer in the past, especially from my Senator, the OU grad. We live in a conflicted residence, a house divided.

So, today, as we watch the granddaddy of all bowl games, the Rose Bowl, those who cheer for USC ( me and the Senator’s son) will be dining on tenderloin chili and gourmet root beer. Those who refuse to root for the Pac 10 champs, will be dining on left overs. Just kidding. Sort of.

See that guy hiding in the back of the photo posted below? He is trying to remain neutral about this college football conflict. But, I know better. I really do.

Go Trojans!

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