The Senator’s Wife

I am a politician’s wife, stay at home mother of two who is constantly flying by the seat of her pants!  I have a passion for motherhood, family, my faith and the United States of America.  Six years ago, my smart and sweet husband entered the political world as a businessman, with the hopes of providing an environment for individuals and businesses to succeed.  I learned very quickly that politics is a contact sport.  

Over the past six years our family has campaigned, knocked doors, waved signs, endured mountains of political praise and negative attacks, while I have watched from the sidelines how the deals get done.  Even better, my husband’s political involvement has instilled in our children a passion for our history and the world around them.  The lessons they have learned are invaluable and I am convinced this knowledge and experience has positively impacted their lives and will guide them to make wise decisions as adults.  For this I am grateful.
However, having four political junkies under one roof does lead to many interesting, and often heated, discussions.  While my husband and I disagree on several hot button issues, we agree on many others. This makes for good political fodder.  Yet,  I have also learned that there are some topics we don’t bring up at the dinner table.  Regardless, politics from the inside has provided me with an amazing story, one that I have waited much too long to tell.