Recently we took the Senator’s 85 year old mother to Colorado to see her 6 month old great grandchildren.

It was really neat watching them all interact and even more fun when the Senator and I babysat the twins.  You talk about hard work.  I had totally forgotten about how challenging the baby stage is – but my niece is a champion.  She manages those two little people with such patience and style.

And, she is young……

And I am missing her this morning.  Quite possibly because I was up with the birds and I imagine she was too….up early with those precious babes because sleep is not on their top ten list of favorite activities!

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The Senator's Wife

I started this blog on a whim thinking it would be fun to write about politics while my husband served in the OK State Senate. Jury's still out on that...but, having a front row seat on the sideline of Oklahoma politics has been one big adventure.

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