Ask and Ye Shall Receive…

Feeling very guilty right now about bashing eBay yesterday. No sooner did I publicly complain about not receiving my purchase than what should arrive at my front door? Yep, you guessed it, my infamous button. I am considering posting a photo of it because I am fairly confident my Senator will not be reading this unless I show him – and that is not going to happen. I’ll give you a hint though. This button is older than I am.

OK, that felt good… saying that something is older than I am.

I’ll give you another hint. This button is from one of my Senator’s favorite presidential campaigns.

Now, that should narrow the field down quite a bit.

Just kidding! If you know my Senator, then I have just opened up the field -not narrowed it down. My Senator loves campaigns, and that is a good thing…considering.

Oh, I simply love Christmas and surprises.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Senator’s Wife

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The Senator's Wife

I started this blog on a whim thinking it would be fun to write about politics while my husband served in the OK State Senate. Jury's still out on that...but, having a front row seat on the sideline of Oklahoma politics has been one big adventure.

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